Setting up CVS and SSH in Windows

    To work with any project on SourceForge, you need to use SSH and CVS. I got SSH working on my first try, but it took me a month to find a working version of CVS, with the help of the SourceForge documentation, so i have a guide on how to setup your computer to work on FreeD Modeller. I may add a linux guide, although i haven't tried it on linux, and i dont know if there would be any problems. (If you are trying to use jCVS on any OS, it won't work, because it doesn't support SSH.

Before you begin

    Before you can start working on a project, you need to go to SourceForge and get an account. When you have a user account, you can create project or join one. In this case, you would want to join the FreeD Modeller project(i hope). Once you've done that, you can setup your computer and start working.


    Once you have started or joined a project, you need to setup SSH. SSH will allow you to have secure access to the server for CVS and uploading the project website.

    The first step to installing SSH is to get the file. The SSH homepage is at, and you can get the Win32 version at After you download the file, extract it to any directory you want. I was reading an SSH/CVS/WIN32 guide on SourceForge when i did this, and it said to put it in c:\usr\local\bin, so i did, but you can put it anywhere. The examples here will use c:\usr\local\bin, so just replace it with the directory where you put SSH.

    Once you have SSH unpacked, you need to edit your autoexec.bat file. At the end of the file, add the line

SET PATH=%PATH%;c:\usr\local\bin

and replace "c:\usr\local\bin" with your path. This will allow you to use SSH without being in the directory where it is. After this, you need a home directory, where SSH stores your settings and information. I used "c:\windows\profiles\richard", so i added this line to autoexec.bat:

SET HOME=c:\windows\profiles\richard

Now you need to create and "etc" directory in your home directory. You can use Windows Explorer or the DOS Windows to do this. I used the DOS window with these commands:

md etc

Now go to the "etc" directory and create a file called "passwd". The file should have one line like this:


Replace "user" with your SourceForge username and "home" with the path of your home directory. Now you have autoexec.bat setup for SSH, but to use it without rebooting, type in these commands in a DOS windows(with your paths):

SET HOME=c:\windows\profiles\richard
SET PATH=%PATH%;c:\usr\local\bin

Now to test SSH, go to a dos window and type(replacing username with your username and project with the project you are working on):

SSH -l username

Now SSH should ask you for a password, and when you enter it some text will scroll by before you get to a prompt that says "[user@shell1 user]$". Now type in "logout" to exit the SSH connection.


    I'm not sure if you need command line CVS to setup WinCVS, so i'll just explain how to setup WinCVS and see if anyone reports problems. First, you need to get the file from After you download the file, install the program. When you start it for the first time, it will ask for some information, so enter this information(this information is for FreeD Modeller, just replace "freed" with the name of your project):

Authentication: SSH server

When you do an import, set the "module name and path on the server" to "freed"

If you have any problems email me at